Category: Events

 Salon Z on the energy transition. 

19. May 2021 | Events

Our virtual Salon Z in April had the focus on energy transition. Therefore Dr. Magnus Brunner did us the honor and discussed the current topic with us.


 Salon Z with Prof. Dr. Martin Selmayr. 

17. February 2020 | Events

In the first Salon Z of the new year, we welcomed Prof. Dr. Martin Selymayr, who joined us two weeks after the Brexit to take a look into the future of the EU.


 Salon Z with Mag. Martin Ohneberg. 

18. November 2019 | Events

In our Salon Z in November, Martin Ohneberg spoke with us about the mobility revolution and its impact on Austria as an industrial location.


 Salon Z with Dr. Michael Strugl. 

21. October 2019 | Events

At our Salon Z in October, Dr. Michael Strugl from VERBUND presented the challenges during the transformation of the energy sector.


 Salon Z with Manfred Stanek & Hans Roth. 

23. September 2019 | Events

At our Salon Z in September, Manfred Standek and Hans Roth discussed the future of plastics under the moderation of Andreas Lampl.


 2. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam #EP-Elections. 

22. April 2019 | Events

2. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam with the Brussels Alumni Club about the EP-elections, aiming at motivating EU-citizens to vote.


 Salon Z with Lead Candidates for EP-Elections. 

9. April 2019 | Events

At our Salon Z in April, the lead candidates of the EU Parliamentary Elections discussed current topics under the moderation of Dr. Martina Salomon.


 Salon Z with Dr. Johannes Kopf. 

19. March 2019 | Events

At our Salon Z in March, Dr. Johannes Kopf, Director of the Public Employment Service Austria, gave us his recipe to combat the shortage of skilled workers.


 1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam #FakeNews. 

3. March 2019 | Events

1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam with representatives from media, business and technology to find new solutions for an old phenomenon.


 Salon Z with Dr. Margarete Schramböck. 

3. March 2019 | Events

At out Salon Z in February, Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, Dr. Margarete Schramböck, presents her new initiative “Digital Austria”.


 EUMICON Dinner Debate in the European Parliament. 

23. November 2018 | Events, Public Affairs

PANTARHEI ADVISORS initiated a high-level stakeholder event for the European raw materials platform EUMICON in the European Parliament.


 Breakfast debate in the European Parliament. 

9. September 2018 | Events, Public Affairs

MEP Lukas Mandl invited to a breakfast debate in the European Parliament entitled ‘Plastics: Part of the problem or ready for the future?’.