Category: Public Affairs

 Public Affairs in the age of digital transformation. 

28. March 2019 | Public Affairs

In order to successfully implement Public Affairs in the digital environment, a new holistic strategic approach is required.


 We understand Europe. 

2. January 2019 | Public Affairs

Brussels is a political playing field with its own rules and public affairs at an European level follows a special logic.


 EUMICON Dinner Debate in the European Parliament. 

23. November 2018 | Events, Public Affairs

PANTARHEI ADVISORS initiated a high-level stakeholder event for the European raw materials platform EUMICON in the European Parliament.


 Professional network management. 

10. October 2018 | Communication Strategy & Change, Public Affairs

Professional network managament must have the approach of creating shared value for all parties involved through know how and know who.


 Breakfast debate in the European Parliament. 

9. September 2018 | Events, Public Affairs

MEP Lukas Mandl invited to a breakfast debate in the European Parliament entitled ‘Plastics: Part of the problem or ready for the future?’.