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The name says it all*.

In an environment defined by the rapid pace of change and increasing complexity, we find forward-looking answers to your communications challenges. In Austria and Europe.

* panta rhei (ancient Greek: πάντα ῥεῖ) is an aphorism attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus which means “everything flows”.

Design Thinking.

2. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam / #EP-Elections.

Why you should vote.

In May 2019, elections to the European Parliament will take place for the 9th time. Europe’s political future depends to a large extent on the outcome of these elections.
But not every citizen is aware of the extremely high impact of the European Parliament on the pan-European and institutional structure.
The election campaign, driven by the national parties, usually revolves exclusively around which candidate is to be elected. European citizens, however, often do not know exactly why they should go to these important elections.

Support for the European Parliament’s campaign.

The European Parliament’s campaign focuses precisely on this aspect, complementing political campaigns at national and EU level. It is the ambition to get as many Europeans as possible to vote in May 2019 by addressing them as directly as possible through groundwork. The aim is not to convey political attitudes, but solely to mobilise voters.

Service Design Jam of the “Brussels Alumni Club”.

The election to the European Parliament was taken as an opportunity by the Vienna “Brussels Alumni Club” and by PANTARHEI Managing Partner Mag. Gilbert Rukschcio and Senior Consultant Mag. Brita Eipeldauer, both Brusssels Alumni, to develop measures to help draw the attention of as many citizens as possible to the European Union. In particular, concrete ideas should be developed on how the Brussels Alumni Club in Vienna, or each individual member, can contribute to this. Exciting measures and actions for the months before the elections, but also for the period afterwards, were developed co-creatively.

Design Thinking Jam:


1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam

1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam about the phenomenon Fake News. more
1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam

1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam über das Phänomen Fake News. more
Salon Z with
Lead candidates EP-Elections.

The lead candidates of the EP-Elections at our Salon Z in April. more
Salon Z mit
Spitzenkandidaten EU-Wahl.

Die Spitzenkandidaten der EU-Parlamentswahl in unserem Salon Z im April. more