EUMICON Dinner Debate in the European Parliament.

23. November 2018

Raw Materials – Building a New World. Made in Europe.

Megatrends like digital transformation and energy transition are currently placing raw materials and their availability at the centre of politics. The EU is increasingly looking at how to secure access to raw materials as the basis for industrial value chains of the future.

Against this background, PANTARHEI ADVISORS initiated a high-level stakeholder event in the European Parliament on the 20th of November 2018 for the European raw materials platform EUMICON. The topic of the EUMICON Dinner Debate was: “Today’s raw materials for tomorrow’s products: a new global race for raw materials?”.

More than 60 high-level stakeholders and a highly renowned expert panel from politics, business, research and NGOs participated in this crowning final event of the European Raw Materials Week. Gwenole Cozigou, Director of the Directorate General for Industrial Change and Modern Value Chains in the EU Commission, Stefan Borgas, CEO of RHI Magnesita, Christian Egenhofer of the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Jill Duggan, Consultant at Sandbag and Peter Scherrer, Vice General Secretary of the European Trade Union Union enriched the substantive discussion.

Furthermore, MEPs Paul Rübig (Austria), Peter Kouroumbashev (Bulgaria), Indrek Tarand (Estonia), Barbara Kappel (Austria) and Daniel Caspary (Germany) acted as hosts of the respective topical tables, where specific aspects of the panel discussion were deepened.

Europe as a strong and independent global player.

The event focused on the future of the European raw material industry. Against the background of current industrial challenges, EUMICON had two main concerns. Firstly the discussion of possible solutions and secondly the conscious involvement of all stakeholders.

Throughout the course of the debate, there has been a broad consensus that, more than ever, the world needs a strong, confident and united Europe. Only in this way, Europe can maintain its position as an industry leader. Especially with regards to the raw material industries. The focus was also on whether and how policy-makers can create a framework enabling breakthrough innovation for a competitive European industry. Various speeches underlined the need for the reduction of bureaucratic investment barriers on the one hand, and the development of work incentives on the other, in order to meet the European market leadership claim on a lasting basis.

The Dinner Debate revealed that the balancing act between the competitiveness of the European raw material industry and the sectoral adaptation to the ambitious climate goals of the European Union will be the central challenge of the upcoming years.

Background of the event.

The EUMICON (European Mineral Resources Confederation) is a networking platform for strategic discussion processes and technology transfer on the topic of mineral resources. The EUMICON Dinner Debate marks yet another milestone in a series of events of the initiated EUMICON Stakeholder Dialogue. Altogether 113 participants and 778 stakeholders in four European locations wer involved. Several workshops and conferences with various stakeholders have been held in recent months to deepen the dialogue on EUMICON’s key objectives.