Online Risk & Reputation Check.

28. February 2019

Put it to a test.

First of all, the good news: your business has a reputation to lose. The reputation, in other words, the image of your company is a cornerstone of your business success.

Secondly, the bad news: this good reputation can be destroyed by a crisis in a fraction of the time you needed to build it.

And thirdly, the very worst news: Restoring your reputation, re-building the trust in your business, your employees, and your products can take time. And will additionally cost you a lot of money.

Hacking attacks cause losses.

For example, did you know that listed companies are facing an average price decline of five percent right after the announcement of a hacker attack, according to a recent PwC study? But – and that’s the good news – companies that were well prepared and professionally managed crisis management could make up for those losses within seven days. However, those who were not well prepared needed about 90 days to do so. And the long-term follow-up costs for an image reconstruction are not even calculated in those 90 days.

We hope that you and your company are well prepared for a crisis. How will you act in and with the public in case of danger to your reputation? Have you made any arrangements for professional crisis communication in the event of an industrial accident, a cyber-attack, or a product recall?

Online Risk & Reputation Check.

Put it to a test! PANTARHEI ADVISORS has developed its own online risk & reputation check. It shows how relevant the reputation factor is for the success of your business. In addition, you will quickly realise how well you are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

For this reason, we invite you to make this check for your business. Of course, your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. Only you personally receive an individual evaluation. In addition, an anonymous overall evaluation is planned for the future. This will additionally assist you in determining where you stand.

We have more than 25 years of experience in risk and reputation management and have pooled our expertise in our own highly specialised crisis communications unit. We have already implemented crisis communication along business continuity management for many companies. In numerous cases, we have also operationally controlled the communicative crisis management for our clients. On this basis, we are now the exclusive partner of UNIQA’s cyber insurance, which also insures and covers the costs of communicative crisis handling.
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Preparation is everything.

Finally, the best news. Your company will gain in value when implementing a professional crisis communication, which is perfectly tailored to your target groups. Professional preparation and preparedness are the key to risk and reputation management.

Spare ten minutes and get the link to the check right here. And if you have any questions about the evaluation, we are always at your disposal.