1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam #FakeNews.

3. March 2019

Why a Jam about Fake News?

The phenomenon is by no means new, but dangerous like never before: Fake News is not only about what is “true” or “false”. The real danger is that we systematically make the wrong decisions based on false information. Not only during election campaigns, but permanently and in all circumstances.

It affects us all.

Politics, media, companies – everyone is helpless and asking themselves: How does our system deal with it, if factuality falls by the wayside? Who believes us and who can we still believe? What role do (quality) media play in this and what role do we ourselves actually play?

Old explanations.

While many are still looking for old explanations for new challenges, we are concerned with the essentials: Decision aspects and new solutions, how we can determine our actions ourselves again – in order to protect ourselves and others effectively from the consequences of manipulated decisions.

New answers.

That’s why #FakeNews was the focus of the first PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam with representatives from media, business and technology. While others are still engaged in problem analysis, we consciously look ahead and work on unconventional solutions. How? Through co-creative forms of collaboration based on ideas, suggestions and approaches that we prototyped, tested and improved together during the jam.