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The name says it all*.

In an environment defined by the rapid pace of change and increasing complexity, we find forward-looking answers to your communications challenges. In Austria and Europe.

* panta rhei (ancient Greek: πάντα ῥεῖ) is an aphorism attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus which means “everything flows”.

Professional network management.

We take your objectives across the finish line.

In professional network management, one and one ideally equals three. Why? Because in the ideal case, two different interests create an additional common value. We specialise in creating this added value for you. On the one hand through a methodical know-how, on the other hand through interest-sharing know-who.

Our consultants in Vienna, Graz and Brussels are deeply embedded in the economic, political and social systems. Additionally, they have years, and sometimes even decades of professional experience in these areas. Not only do we have a good understanding of formal and informal functioning, but we also have sustainable personal access.

This network, built and expanded over the years, is our “conversion factor”, so so that one and one equals three and we can create added value.

Systematic construction of networks.

Likewise, the systematic construction of networks is a crucial factor when it comes to creating added value. Again and again, our clients face the challenge that they have no advocates or only a limited community for themselves and their concerns. Or, a new board takes over and is not embedded in the economic or political system beyond its closest environment.

For such topics, we have set up and realised a number of network processes in cooperation with our longstanding partner FAS.research, one of the world’s leading network research institutes. At the end of such processes, there are networks of up to several hundred people, in and with which interaction can take place. Direct, unfiltered and sustainable.

Network management.


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1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam

1. PANTARHEI Design Thinking Jam über das Phänomen Fake News. more
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Salon Z mit
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