Public Affairs in the age of digital transformation.

28. March 2019

Our toolset for your public affairs success story.

“Why are you here?”
A question that politicians like to ask in order to find out why business representatives come to talk to them.

“Why are you here?”
A question that politicians are increasingly asking companies wanting to know their reason to live. In a world that is changing faster than ever due to the digital revolution, entire industries are being put to the test with their business models.

Companies are therefore called upon to retell the added value they bring to society, also to politicians. The transformation of business models entails the necessity that regulatory frameworks have to be completely rebuilt. This requires a high level of political understanding in order to follow this path.

That is Digital Public Affairs.

And that, too, is Digital Public Affairs:

The logic of how communication and political opinion-forming works is about to change fundamentally. Based on smart data, co-creative finding of common content and the ability to mobilise even as an industry through campaigns – these are the three essential elements of successful advocacy in the digital age.

In order to successfully implement and position public affairs in the digital environment, a holistic strategic approach is required. This begins with the analysis of the own environment, the topics, the channels and the strategies of other actors. Based on this, it is necessary to use the digital tools to develop one’s own positions in a co-creative way and to position oneself in the relevant digital forums, build relationships and cultivate them.

The own positions and objectives have to be addressed to those communities, stakeholders and decision makers, which are necessary for a change of the status quo, in an adapted and channel-optimised form with regard to strategic aspects.

PANTARHEI ADVISORS as a consulting firm offers the complete package: in addition to a consulting approach adapted to the digital challenges, special digital tools and co-creative methods for the development of the right content, effective stakeholder management and the positioning of messages on the relevant channels.

The game has changed.
We’ll help you win it!

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