Salon Z with Dr. Johannes Kopf.

19. March 2019

A big challenge.

Unemployment numbers in Austria have been decreasing for almost two years now. However, mainly as a result of the sharp rise in the weak growth years 2012-2016, Austria still has a high unemployment rate. Also, the proportion of people registered as unemployed for a long time is significantly high. Although labour is still available and there is a high level of immigration to Austria, more and more companies are complaining about not finding any skilled workers. A challenge that not only has the potential to become a growth inhibitor. It is also a crucial issue in almost all of Europe.

Recipe against shortage of skilled workers.

In his lecture at our Salon Z, Dr. Johannes Kopf delivered his recipe for combating the shortage of skilled workers: better qualification of the unemployed, better positioning of the red-white-red card and Austria as a “skilled labour market”, incentives for highly qualified skilled workers to stay longer in the work process and retire later, making apprenticeship training more attractive compared to the Matura and reducing the part-time quota of women from 50% to 30% (European average).