Salon Z with Lead Candidates for EP-Elections.

9. April 2019

Directional election in May.

Elections for the European Parliament will take place on 26th May 2019. Many observers speak of a “directional election”, as it is expected for the first time that the European People’s Party and the European Social Democrats together will no longer have a majority in the European Parliament. At the same time, Europe is under pressure from all sides: trade dispute with the USA, economic struggle with China on its way to becoming the world’s number one economic power and not to forget the “own” challenges from Brexit to the migration issue.

Against this backdrop, we invited the lead candidates of the Austrian parties for the European Parliament elections to our Salon Z to discuss current topics with each other and with us under the moderation of Kurier editor-in-chief Dr. Martina Salmon.

Our guests.

  • MEP Dr. Othmar Karas, head of delegation and lead candidate ÖVP
  • Member of the National Council Mag. Jörg Leichtfried, Speaker for European issues SPÖ
  • MEP Mag. Dr. Georg Mayer, candidate FPÖ with position 2 on the election list
  • Member of the National Council Claudia Gamon, MSc, lead candidate NEOS
  • Mag. Werner Kogler, lead candidate DIE GRÜNEN