Our services.


We see communication as a strategic management tool that helps organisations achieve their central goals.

Your communications strategy is our business – especially when it comes to complex challenges in which strategic communications play a critical role, such as:

  • reorganisation and change processes
  • M&A transactions and capital market activities
  • fundamental changes to business models as part of digital transformation

Our integrated approach to consultancy covers all communications processes. From analysis to strategy development, all the way to implementing tailor-made solutions. To engage all of the relevant stakeholder groups.

This involves an interdisciplinary approach, working with law firms, accountants, tax consultants, engineering consultants, investment banks, university institutes, think tanks and other communication professionals.


Good preparation and professional communication.

Whether it is a workplace accident or a search of premises, a major product recall, a natural disaster or a hacker attack – in a crisis, two key factors make that all-important difference: meticulous preparation and professional communications.

For many companies and organisations, their reputation is one of their most precious assets. Damage to their image or loss of faith can often be directly reflected in share prices.

Professional crisis prevention and crisis communications are the best insurance.


We represent our customers’ concerns and interests.

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At the point where politics, business and society converge. At all political levels in Austria and Europe – on the ground in Brussels.

Organisations need operating environments that do not bar the way to their success. Laws and regulations are becoming increasingly complex. Politics can bolster markets through regulation, but can equally leave business models facing new challenges.

Successful interaction with the political system at the European, national and regional level is vital for a company to remain competitive and can even determine its survival.


Content is king.

It is only those who know how to tell their stories that stand a chance of being heard in their communities. Among their employees, business partners, customers and investors. We will reorganise your communications structures with the Corporate Media House. We get you up to speed with the digital reality.

Digitalisation has revolutionised the cultural technique of communication. It is the great communications leveller and fundamentally changes the rules of the game for everyone: mass communications are turning into multi-individual communications, consumers are becoming prosumers and everyone is a potential influencer.

This calls for a total rethink. Media become channels: earned, shared, owned, paid. Only those who use all of them well stand a chance of being heard, understood, shared – and bought.

Corporate Media Houses are needed. Because the management tool of the digital transformation is communication.