Our Topics.

 Future of Mobility. 

6. September 2021 | Public Affairs

What will the future of mobility look like? The scenario analysis and study by Council4 GmbH deals precisely with this topic.


 Sustainable Economy in the EU. 

5. July 2021 | Public Affairs

Sustainability is at the top of the EU agenda. Our one Pager summarises the key takeaways and next steps of the measures on sustainable financing and corporate governance.


 Cyberattack: Blackout for the image 

23. June 2021 | Risk & Reputation Management

Every 39 seconds, a cyberattack hits. Cyberattacks can cause great damage to your company. Restoring your ability to act involves high costs.


 Corporate Media House. 

9. June 2021 | Corporate Media House

It is only those who know how to tell their stories that stand a chance of being heard in their communities. Among their employees, business partners, customers and investors.


 Salon Z on the energy transition. 

19. May 2021 | Events

Our virtual Salon Z in April had the focus on energy transition. Therefore Dr. Magnus Brunner did us the honor and discussed the current topic with us.


 Public Affairs Experts on the future of lobbying. 

5. March 2021 | Public Affairs

“You lose the battle on Twitter” – Top experts and public affairs professionals exchanged their views on the basis of PANTARHEI´s White Paper.


 White Paper: The future of lobbying. 

9. February 2021 | Public Affairs

COVID-19 has not only changed the broader situation, it has also caused the digital transformation to speed up rapidly. The concept of digital public affairs is growing rapidly in importance.


 EU Updates. 

21. July 2020 | Public Affairs

With our EU Corona Updates we provide relevant and compact information directly from our office in Brussels.


 Salon Z with Prof. Dr. Martin Selmayr. 

17. February 2020 | Events

In the first Salon Z of the new year, we welcomed Prof. Dr. Martin Selymayr, who joined us two weeks after the Brexit to take a look into the future of the EU.


 Salon Z with Mag. Martin Ohneberg. 

18. November 2019 | Events

In our Salon Z in November, Martin Ohneberg spoke with us about the mobility revolution and its impact on Austria as an industrial location.


 Salon Z with Dr. Michael Strugl. 

21. October 2019 | Events

At our Salon Z in October, Dr. Michael Strugl from VERBUND presented the challenges during the transformation of the energy sector.


 Salon Z with Manfred Stanek & Hans Roth. 

23. September 2019 | Events

At our Salon Z in September, Manfred Standek and Hans Roth discussed the future of plastics under the moderation of Andreas Lampl.