We understand Europe.

2. January 2019

Why Brussels is the cause and solution of all your problems.

Brussels is the political capital of Europe. There is hardly any economic sector whose regulation does not find its way into Brussels: digital business models, emissions trading, plastic ban, privacy, just to name a few. Almost every sector and therefore, every company is influenced by Brussels and regulation at European level.

The basic rule is: Whoever does not actively participate, will be shaped by others. Regulation at the European level can make all the difference, for example, in opening up markets or in facing closed markets. That is why it is in every company’s strategic interest to actively engage in Brussels.

The rules of Brussels.

Therefore, it is important to know the rules of the game. The political currency in Brussels is not the Euro, but credibility. If a company manages to get involved as a credible and serious interlocutor, it will also be heard. Because relevance is not defined primarily by size, but rather by credibility and presence.

The labyrinth of Brussels.

Around 50,000 people work in the European institutions. 751 MEPs in the European Parliament, around 30,000 officials in the European Commission and 28 Member States in the European Council who have a say here. It is a labyrinth that seems to be very confusing. It is only understandable that a company asks itself the question: How can I make a difference?

You can actually – if you know the rules of the game. It is crucial to know: Who are my interlocutors? When should I enter into a dialogue with them? How can I embed my entrepreneurial interest in a European solution? What alliances do I have to close to win the game instead of just watching from the sideline?

Any questions? We have the answers.


Anyone who wants to be a serious political advisor in Austria and wants to act as a mediator between European politics and economic interests, must be able to understand Europe. However, you can only understand Europe when you are in Brussels. That’s why PANTARHEI ADVISORS has its own office in Brussels. We see ourselves as translators between the business world and the planet Europe. We bring the two languages together and create a common understanding.

It is our job to explain the labyrinth Brussels to our clients, to draw the playing field relevant to our clients and to pave the way to the key decision-makers and stakeholders. Our performance will guarantee you being heard in Brussels, being relevant and actively involved in shaping things.